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Frequently Asked Questions

These courses were created for students aged 9-19.

Absolutely! Our courses were designed for parents to work through the material with their children. Once you have purchased the course, it is for the exclusive use of your own family [not to be shared with others], and you will be able to access the videos and assignments perpetually.

Each course has 10 classes. I recommend covering no more than 1 class per week. Class videos and assignments should require approximately 60-90 minutes per week.

Yes. The four Foundation Courses (i.e., Public Speaking, First Impressions, Conversation, Leadership) will provide a comprehensive communication skills program for your family.

Courses – Each course is designed for you to work with your own child(ren), so select the course(s) that best suits your needs. Each course will provide video instruction for you and your child plus assignments, drills, and evaluations. It is for the exclusive use of your family indefinitely!

Events Package – If you want weekly interaction with FOC instructors, add on the Events Package. This package is NOT a replacement for our courses. The live sessions reinforce a wide range of communication skills in a fun environment.

Guided Instruction – If you prefer live guided instruction through the course material for one of your children, then we recommend you purchase this in addition to a course.

You can! You will want to register your child for one of our Guided Group Class options. Win oversees those students and their parents as she guides them through the coursework. There are no more than 12 students in each group, and at least one parent must be present for each session.

If you need to miss 1 class because of a conflict, go ahead and register as long as you tell us in advance. There are no makeup sessions, but you have the option of asking for a class recording. These guided courses are taught more than once per year. Mark your calendars and block off a 13-week session when you CAN attend. Then be sure to register early. First come, first served!

That is great! We believe there is value in continuing to refining one’s public speaking skills. However, if you feel that your children are competent public speakers, we encourage your family to take our other communication courses outside of communication “performance.”

Yes. The instruction, drills, and exercises will offer the information and examples they need to develop the skills they’ll use in front of any audience. In addition, evaluation sheets are provided for parents/teachers to give constructive feedback after each speech delivery.

Please contact me and we will connect with you about potential options.

Registration of Interest Please register if you are interested in participating. Indicate how many children you wish to participate via quantity. There are no charges or payments for registering. If enough families are interested we will send you a link with a method of payment.
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