Learn and practice essential foundations for starting, sustaining, and closing meaningful conversations.

Public Speaking 2

Learn and practice advanced speech writing and delivery.


Public Speaking 1

Build and practice essential foundations for speaking in front of an audience.


First Impressions

Learn and practice essential foundations for making positive impressions and connections.


Sample Lessons

Sample video lessons with PDFs to help practice applications of the lessons.

What Our Users Have to Say

"The accountability and encouragement from Win is so valuable and relating with other kids who are learning the same skills is fun and builds our confidence!"
~ Katie (Parent)
"The atmosphere is welcoming, and you can be guaranteed progress as long as you put the effort in. It is not very demanding but quite beneficial at the same time."
~ Isaac (Student)
“The content you developed is such a treasure! Even just 'volunteer an additional piece of information during conversation' takes days maybe weeks to master. I’ve read other books and have been to other trainings but what you came up with made the most sense. Your discussion and demonstration during class have been very helpful. I feel we might need to do it two or three times to savor the content. We really appreciate what you do for the kids!”
~ Sharon (Parent)
"I am grateful for FOC. I am glad that I can be a part of this community to learn new things. The videos are very clever, the courses are very helpful, and "Game Day" is fun indeed. Thank you so much!"
~ Benjamin (Student)